Thursday, 27 January , 2022


Cuban Missile Crisis: 14 Days When the World Was on the...

On October 14, 1962, 55 years ago, a US Air Force U-2 spy plane took pictures confirming the deployment of Soviet R-12 missiles on...

Les provocations de Donald Trump menacent la paix dans le monde

Par Jacques Nikonoff, président du Parti de la démondialisation (Pardem) Le 11 octobre 2017 Jamais, dans l’histoire de l’Organisation des Nations unies, un chef d’État ne...

A Lesson for the US: Cuba’s Response to Hurricanes

How a small Caribbean island with few resources manages to protect its people from extreme weather better than some of the richest countries. Preparedness and...

The little known Africa

By: Darcy Borrero Batista Source: Granma The Dawn News May 25, 2017 Although the mainstream media focuses daily on negative news stories in Africa, there is another reality...

Τrump opens one more front. Now against Cuba

Trump Reverses Pieces of Obama-Era Engagement With Cuba MIAMI — President Trump announced on Friday that he was reversing crucial pieces of what he called...

La Jornada: El mayor estadista del último medio siglo

La muerte de Fidel Castro ha dado lugar –en algunos grandes medios occidentales– a la difusión de cantidad de infamias contra el comandante cubano. Eso me ha dolido. Sabido es que lo conocí bien. Y he decidido, por tanto, aportar mi testimonio personal. Un intelectual coherente debe denunciar las injusticias. Empezando por las de su propio país.

Create two, three …many Vietnams, by Ernesto Che Guevara

Guevara, born in Argentina, joined the movement led by Fidel Castro and other Cuban revolutionaries and became a commander in the Cuban Rebel Army. After the overthrow of the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959, he became one of the central leaders of the new workers and farmers government. Guevara held a number of posts,

Global Left paying tribute to Fidel Castro

On Saturday, left-leaning politicians across the world remembered Fidel Castro and citizens paid tribute to one of the revolutionary icons of the 20th century.

Trump threatens Cuba

Thousands of Cubans bid farewell to Fidel Castro on Monday, filing into a plaza where he often railed against American imperialism. The same morning, the first regularly scheduled flight from the United States in more than 50 years landed in Havana, a potent example of the newly opened doors between the former rivals.

Africa and Black America mourn Castro

Today, we say goodbye to one of the biggest patriots of Latin America, and why we lament his death, we evoke his example of humanity, we embrace each other and we continue walking the path of the undefeated leader of the Cuban Revolution and the unity of the peoples against colonialism and imperialism. Fidel definitively enters history with an