Monday, 18 November , 2019

Chinese Revolution

The Opioid Epidemic in America – Killing One Million People

The Triumph of Capital (Creating a Domestic ‘Shithole’) By James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya The link between capitalism and drugs reaches back to the middle...

The Russian Revolution: A Verso Reading List

One hundred years on from the Russian Revolution we look back at the events that turned the world upside down and how they resonate...

Encircling China and Using India against it

Doklam then and now: from British to Chinese interests, follow the money A stalemate in the Himalayas, a three-way territorial struggle, fears of foreign hegemony...

Trump, Russia and China – a reverse of the Nixon game?

Could it be that, almost 45 years after Nixon’s breakthrough with China, the United States’ 45th president will be taking Kissinger’s advice? President Obama tried to make a “pivot” to Asia the capstone of his foreign policy. Will Donald Trump make a “pivot” toward Moscow, and away from Beijing, a capstone of his?