Monday, 13 July , 2020


Left debates post-Brexit

There are many aspects of life in Britain that those who voted leave hope will improve with Brexit. On holiday in Suffolk this summer (where 60% voted leave) my wife Kate and I were surprised to be told by the skipper on a coastal boat trip that Brussels was responsible for problems facing the Avocet population on Orford Ness: in a fit of ecological correctness gone


It used to be claimed during the Cold War that in the countries of the Soviet bloc elections could not take place until the government had decided what their result should be. Here, we order these matters differently. We had a referendum on 23rd June about the European Union, but the government has still to decide what its result will be. The widely-advertised

Banking giants reverse predictions of post-Brexit ‘Brecession’

Two of the City’s biggest powerhouses have scrapped their predictions of a post-Brexit recession which would see the UK economy collapse following the EU referendum, and now envisage better-than-expected results in the third financial quarter.

How to organize a resistance economy

The World Bank was always dominated by the United States, but in its earlier years and up to the 1980’s – the time when neoliberalism and the Washington Consensus – started their merciless ascent, the World Bank financed and carried out some real ‘grass-roots’ projects

Jeremy Corbyn Interview: On Owen Smith, Trident, Brexit, The Housing Crisis...

Two and a half hours before his rally had even started, the queue to see Jeremy Corbyn had already begun. The line of supporters snaked around Swansea’s LC2 leisure complex, a mix of young and old, parents and teenagers.

An Alternative to the Euro

BREXIT has shown that the EU cannot continue to do more of the same. It is time for a fundamental change of course. If this is not achieved, it will come to uncontrolled, confrontative or even explosive ruptures. If we want to prevent this, clarifying the currency issue is urgent and unavoidable. This is a key issue for the future of the EU -although not the only one. This is the core message of the following Appeal, formulated before the BREXIT decision.

Searching for ways not to apply the Brexit referendum verdict

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that Britain would not trigger formal divorce talks with the European Union until a "UK approach" had been agreed, bidding to appease Scots who strongly oppose Brexit.

National sovereignty: for what purpose? By Samir Amin

The defence of national sovereignty, like its critique, leads to serious misunderstandings once one detaches it from the social class content of the the strategy in which it is embedded. The leading social bloc in capitalist societies always conceives sovereignty as a necessary instrument for the promotion of its own interests based on both capitalist exploitation of labour and the consolidation of its international positions.

Brexit is wreaking havoc everywhere, by Giulietto Chiesa

The first European leader - openly critical of the present Union — to pick up the ball and run with it, in the midst of the Euro2016 football Cup, was the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman. And his penalty shot was extremely powerful. We don't know yet if it'll be a goal, but it surely won't be easy to block it

Europe can survive. But not like it is now!

While the Brexit vote has created turmoil in Europe on the surface, looking more closely, Brexit has actually created the perfect opportunity to rethink and rebuild a freer, more democratic Europe.