Sunday, 23 June , 2024


Life in the EU as torture for Greece continues

By Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos Ambassador ad honorem 24.4.20 With 92.340 deaths in the EU in the morning of April 24,the organization is still unable to coordinate a policy...

Pour une renationalisation d’Aéroports de Paris

6 Novembre 2019 Il faut insister sur les enjeux en matière de souveraineté et de sécurité pour mobiliser contre la privatisation des Aéroports de Paris....

Heathrow and the Flight of Logic

The correct question is not “where?”. It is “whether?”. And the correct answer is no. The prime minister has just announced that her cabinet will recommend where a new runway should be built. Then there will be a consultation on the decision. There is only one answer that doesn’t involve abandoning our climate change commitments and our moral scruples: nowhere.