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France’s Le Pen congratulates German far-right AfD

PARIS (Reuters) - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen congratulated the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on its breakthrough result in Sunday’s German...

Strength in Division | An Interview with Fabio de Masi

Die Linke MEP Fabio DeMasi on why Germany's fragmented electorate will return Angela Merkel to office this Sunday. Germany heads to the polls this Sunday...

Between Capital and Volk

By Sebastian Friedrich, Gabriel Kuhn Germany's AfD poses as a defender of the "common man," but seeks to impose an authoritarian form of neoliberalism. The “Alternative...

Extremes Droites Europeennes: Islam Notre Ennemi, Israel notre Avenir!

L’année des patriotes européens à Coblence : Israël est notre avenir ! on: janvier 23, 2017   Un jour après l’investiture de Trump, le FN avec Marine...

Is capitalism destroying himself or us and democracy?

More than four years on, we know that in 2012 the political fallout was only just beginning. It was in December 2011 that David Cameron reopened the European question by opting out of the new ‘fiscal compact’ drawn up by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy with the aim of enforcing budget discipline across the EU. In the US in spring 2012, Mitt Romney emerged as the candidate from the Republican primaries, but the freakshow anticipated the Trump campaign to come. In Italy the ousting of Berlusconi in a backroom coup in November 2011 and the installation of the ‘unpolitical’ economist Mario Monti as prime minister set the stage for the emergence of Beppe Grillo and Five Star in the local elections of May 2012. In France as the fiscal compact began to bite, François Hollande’s presidency was dead almost before it had started.

Sahra Wagenecht on Gabriel, SPD, AfD, War on Terror

Sahra Wagenknecht: We have been successfully running the Bundestag campaign for more than a year now. The Left is now highr in all surveys than in 2013, despite the strength of the AfD. The climate in the faction has also improved. There is a relationship of trust between Dietmar Bartsch and myself, we work well together. This is the prerequisite for a successful election campaign.

Nationalists overtake Merkel’s party in German state vote

A nationalist, anti-immigration party performed strongly in a state election Sunday in the region where German Chancellor Angela Merkel has her political base, overtaking her conservatives to take second place amid discontent with her migrant policies.

Looking for the exit

By Steffen Stierle  Peace, prosperity and democracy. For decades, these promises were used to win large majorities in favour of European integration, including the introduction...