Police brutally beats cancer patient, his son watching a football game (video)

April 14, 2021

Another case of police violence against citizens this time outside a football stadium in western Macedonia: a group of officers fell over a 58-year-old man and his 28-year-old son. They beat them and drag them injured to police station, the elderly passes out, he later suffers a hear attack while in the hospital and undergoes an emergency surgery.

The man who shoots the footage, shouts “Don’t beat the people! Shame! Shame! A man is on the gorund! Something happened! Call the ambulance!”

The incident took place last Sunday outside the stadium of Neo Keramidi by Katerini. Football fans are watching from the fence the game, father and son have gone there to watch the other son who is playing in the match.

Policemen arrive to the point and start checking the crowd for the measures against the coronavirus. The cancer patient has no ID with him. According to complaints by the younger victim to Mega TV, the elderly told police that he had health problems, but they ignored the call.

“Fifteen police officers beat us, they beat us everywhere, all over the body, neck and face,” the 28-year-old son said and showed his wounds.

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At some point, the elderly man passed out and fell to the ground. The man who shot the video shouted that an ambulance should come.

Instead of the hospital, the officers arrested the two men for resistance and disobedience and took them to police station. The elderly was not feeling well, requests for hospital remained without response.

After two hours, the victim’s daughter called for an ambulance and the man was taken to the hospital.

“As soon as he got there, he suffered a heart attack,” his wife told Mega TV.

He underwent a surgery on Monday morning, his condition is critical, the son said.

Due to coronavirus and his health problems, the 58-year-old man had not left his home for a year and just went out to watch his son playing, the wife said.

The family filed a lawsuit against police for putting the lief of the 58-year-old in danger and injuring the 28-year-old son.

After the case went public and several media published about it, the Greek Police issued a statement saying that they have ordered an internal investigation

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