Over 200k enterprises in Greece in suspended operation, million workers affected

April 16, 2020

205,984 enterprises, with a workforce of at least 1,063,098 workers are currently in suspension of operation status by state order, as part of the government measures contain the coronavirus pandemic in Greece, the country’s Statistics authority said on Thursday. These enterprises make a 14.6% out of total and the workforce is 25.4% out o total.

These enterprises had a turnover of 1.02 billion euros in February 2020 and a value of exports reaching 32.5 million euros.

The region with the highest rate of enterprises in suspension is South Aegean with 34,4%, while the region with the lowest rate is Peloponnese with 10,7%.

The region with the highest rate of workers in enterprises in suspension is again South Aegean 56,7%, while the region with the lowest rate is Attica with 20,7%.

The sectors with the biggest percentage rate of suspension were education at 88.8%, hotels at 87.1%, sport facilities/entertainment 86.7% and restaurants/cafes/etc 80.9%. The rates of workers at these enterprises are in hotels 94,2%, in restaurants89,6% and in education 89,9%.

The statistics service said that 179,573 enterprises with a workforce of up to nine workers (employing 400,899 workers) were currently in this status, while enterprises with a workforce of 10-49 workers totaled 16,608 (employing 301,039 workers).

A total of 1,302 enterprises with a workforce of 50-249 workers (employing 118,419 workers) were in suspension mode, while 255 enterprises with a workforce of more than 250 workers (employing 242,741 workers) were in this state.

Among the country’s regions, Eastern Macedonia-Thrace had 1,346 enterprises in suspension, Central Macedonia 5,131, Western Macedonia 596, Epirus 1,058, Thessaly 1,775, Central Greece 1,185, Ionian Islands 1,450, Western Greece 1,665, Peloponnese 1,590, Attica 11,828, Northern Aegean 622, South Aegan 2,596 and Crete 2,169.

More details in ELSTAT website here in Greek.