On Lâche Rien

Oct. 17, 2011

“Here is On Lache Rien ! (We Don’t Give Up!), a great French revolt song by the French band HK et Les Saltimbanks. They come from around Lille and they’ve just released their first album Citoyen du Monde (Citizen of the World) on January 31, 2011.

After subtitling it in Japanese, here it is in English (thanks to Maja and David).

As one of the Saltimbanks’ lines goes: “The alarm clock has gone off/It’s time to reset the counters to zero!” Peoples of Europe wake up! Thank you to our brothers and sisters in the Arab world who have broken the ice! You are our sparks! Thousands of young people in Spain are on a war footing! Hats off to the youths in the U.K. and the people occupying Wall Street…!

Down with the capitalist leaches! Eat the rich!

Ya Basta! Enough is Enough! Y’en a marre! Kfa!”

Translation: Brkic Sulejman

Subtitling/Uploading: Dejan