‘Obvious Evidence of Genocide’: Mass Grave Discovered in Gaza’s Nasser Hospital

Palestinian rescue workers said they found hundreds of bodies, some with their hands bound and others with their skin, organs, or heads removed.

By Olivia Rosane

Palestinian civil defense discovered hundreds of bodies buried by Israeli forces in a mass grave inside the complex of Khan Younis’ Nasser Medical Complex on Saturday.

Rescue workers said they had removed at least 200 bodies as of 12:00 pm local time on Sunday, and they estimated that at least another 200 remained, Middle East Eye reported.

“We found corpses without heads, bodies without skins, and some had their organs stolen,” the director-general of the Government Media Office said in a statement shared by Quds News Network.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) withdrew from Khan Younis on April 7. While they occupied the city, they stormed the Nasser Medical Complex in February, arresting several doctors, damaging the structure with shelling, and rendering it unable to function as a hospital.

Al Jazeera reporter Hani Mahmoud said the bodies found in the Nasser grave included children, young men, and older women. Rescues said that some of the bodies they found had been buried with their hands tied behind their backs, according to Middle East Eye.

“Our teams continue their search and retrieval operations for the remaining martyrs in the coming days as there are still a significant number of them,” Palestinian emergency services said in a statement shared with Al Jazeera.

The news came as the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Saturday to send another $26 billion to Israel, including for military aid.

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“These mass graves are obvious evidence of genocide and the most unthinkable war crimes. And yet, the House just signed off on $26 billion in weapons to fuel the genocidal Israeli military, while Israel threatens a full scale ground invasion to massacre Palestinians in Rafah,” the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights said on social media.

This is not the first mass grave that has been discovered near a Gaza Strip hospital since Israel began its devastating bombardment and invasion following Hamas’ deadly October 7 attack on southern Israel. When the IDF withdrew from the al-Shifa hospital earlier this month, Palestinian journalist Hossam Shabat reported seeing hundreds of dead bodies outside the hospital, many that had had their hands and legs bound and their bodies run-over by bulldozers. Al Jazeera reported that several mass graves were found near al-Shifa.

“Following the mass graves at Al-Shifa hospital, it looks like Israel is a voracious death machine turning hospitals in Gaza into graveyards. Wake up world!” Palestinian politician and activist Hanan Ashrawi wrote on social media.

Muhammad Shehada, the communications chief for Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, expressed shock that there was not more media coverage of the Nasser grave.

“I CANNOT find a single headline in any mainstream media about this!” Shehada wrote on social media. “Imagine it was Ukraine? or Israel?”

Over the weekend, the the Gaza Health Ministry reported that the death toll from Israel’s war on Gaza surpassed 34,000, though this is likely an undercount since several people remain trapped beneath rubble.

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