New Details Emerge on Unprecedented ‘Israeli Strike’ on Syria-Iraq Border

According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel stuck a villa housing Shi’ite militias, Iranian forces in attempt to disrupt Iran’s land corridor to Mediterranean

Jul 16, 2018

Israel is ramping up its strikes in Syria in an attempt to disrupt the Iranian land corridor used to transfer weapons through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon, security analysts told the Wall Street Journal Sunday.

Israel was allegedly behind an unprecedented strike last June on a town in the Syria-Iraq border. The Wall Street Journal report cites a U.S. security source as saying that the strike targeted a villa in al-Harra, southeast of the town of al-Bukamal, which housed members of an Iraqi Shi’ite militia as well as of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Israel’s goal, according to the report, was to prevent the transfer of weapons to Syria