New Brexit Party election tool created by Steve Bannon associate

By Sam Bright

he Brexit Party’s new internal data app, designed to collate information about voters, was designed by a friend of Steve Bannon, Scram News can reveal.

Earlier this week, Wired magazine quoted a Brexit Party source, who said that the party’s new data system has been designed by Voter Gravity, an American firm that has been linked to US Republican campaigns.


The app is called Pericles, a name that some believe is a piss-take of Boris Johnson’s obsession with classical literature. The app allows the Brexit Party to build an interactive database of voters, correlated with their social media accounts, so that they know who to target and with what message.

According to a Brexit Party insider who spoke to VICE in September, Nigel Farage’s party paid Voter Gravity a lot of money, “really a lot of money”, for Pericles. The source also claimed that the owner of Voter Gravity even travelled to Brexit Party HQ in person to unveil the software.

After a bit a digging, we have discovered that the man behind Voter Gravity is Ned Ryun, a California-born Republican campaigner.

Ryun is an interesting figure, not least due to his connections with the Trump administration. Indeed, a Guardian article from 2017 reports that Ryun is close to Steve Bannon – Donald Trump’s former campaign director and chief strategist. This is confirmed by various chummy photos of the pair uploaded on social media.