Netanyahu: Israel is NOT a State of All Its Citizens. It’s the JEWISH State

March 10, 2019

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday ramped up his nationalistic rhetoric ahead of Israel’s general election on April 9.

Netanyahu and his Likud are keen to frame the election as a battle for the Jewish soul of the State of Israel, which he insists will be threatened if the centrist and left-wing parties emerge victorious.

With recent polls showing that the centrist “Blue and White” faction will win more seats than Likud–conceivably making its leader, Benny Gantz, the next prime minister–Culture Minister and Netanyahu-confidante Miri Regev sounded an urgent warning in a weekend interview on Israeli television.

Regev insisted that in order to cobble together a majority coalition, Blue and White would have to include the Arab parties, which openly promote a hostile Palestinian agenda, much to the chagrin of many Israeli Arab voters. It’s a message that Netanyahu himself has conveyed.