Keir Starmer only Labour leadership candidate refusing to rule out a Rejoin EU campaign

KEIR STARMER is the only Labour leadership candidate who may campaign to rejoin the EU if elected leader, after he failed to rule it out this weekend.

The frontrunner to succeed Jeremy Corbyn refused to be drawn on the question at a Mirror hustings in Dudley in the West Midlands.

When asked if Labour should rule out campaigning to rejoin the EU, he said: “I don’t think it’s a priority for now and the immediate future. It’s for our kids to decide what our future relationship is.”

Mr Starmer’s position put him at odds with fellow Labour leadership candidates Rebecca Long Bailey and Lisa Nandy who both ruled out campaigning to rejoin the EU.

“I’d rule it out,” Ms Nandy told the crowd.

“We haven’t got the option, we’ve lost that right because we didn’t take the deal that ticked every box that we had about protecting close economic and political co-operation. We refused to do it.”

Ms Long Bailey said that it “would be absolutely disastrous” to campaign to rejoin the EU.

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