‘Italexit’ returns as League official renews euro exit campaign

‘Our position never changed,’ Euroskeptic lawmaker Borghi says.


ROME — Matteo Salvini’s far-right League is bringing back its flagship campaign to exit the euro.

The Euroskeptic party’s top economic adviser, Claudio Borghi, who also chairs the budget committee in the lower house of Italy’s parliament, said on television Thursday it would not be “forbidden” to discuss leaving the single currency if the position is supported by “25, 30 percent of voters.”

The League remains Italy’s most popular party, polling at around 34 percent, even though it’s not in government. In August, Salvini pulled out of a coalition with the 5Stars, in hopes of triggering an election. But the populist group instead partnered with the center-left Democratic Party (PD).

Salvini in recent weeks stoked opposition to a revamp of the eurozone bailout fund, which some analysts interpreted as a sign of the party reprising the “Italexit” campaign, which had officially been put to bed during its time in the coalition.

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