Israel court issues demolition order for mosque

Palestinian media reports say authorities gave 21 days to challenge demolition order for mosque in town of Silwan.

Sep.14, 2020

A court in Israel has issued a demolition order for a mosque in a town in occupied East Jerusalem for “lack of a construction permit”, Palestinian media reported citing local residents.

In response to the demolition notice, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Gaza issued a statement, circulated by Palestinian media, to condemn the order and warn Israel against the move. 

It also called on the international community, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to protect Muslim holy sites and places of worship in Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities gave residents 21 days to challenge the order in the area where the Qaqaa Bin Amr mosque in Silwan town is otherwise the order would be carried out, according to media reports.

Built in 2012, the two-storey mosque accommodates hundreds of worshippers.

A similar demolition order was issued in 2015 but was never enforced.