How Facebook, Twitter Let Climate Fall Into Culture Wars: Study

By Giulia Carbonaro
Jun 9, 2022

Climate disinformation has crowded out the facts on social media over the past 18 months, outperforming science-based content even when it is promoted by the platforms, a new report has found.

You might think widespread skepticism about climate change is a thing of the past. A 2021 survey of 1.2 million people in 50 countries, conducted by the United Nations Development Programme and Oxford University, broadly supports that view. It found that 64 percent of respondents recognized climate change was an emergency and demanded policymakers step up their actions to fight it.

COP26, the UN climate change conference held in Scotland last year, is thought to have played a key role in changing minds and focusing attention on the crisis.

Former President Donald Trump, who was still talking about “the global warming hoax” while COP26 was taking place, rolled back various laws designed to tackle the climate crisis during his term in the White House. Many of these measures are now being reversed by his successor, however. In April, President Joe Biden‘s administration restored requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, a 50-year-old law, that had been removed by Trump.

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