Greek personalities protest media and politicians’ attitude on Russia and Ukraine

A number of known Greek personalities, including ex-Ministers, ex-Rectors of famous Greek Universitities, trade unionists, social and ecology activists have signed an open letter protesting against the way the Greek media and political system are handling the Ukrainian crisis, where they state, along other things, the following: 

“The Greek people, along with all Western nations, have been submitted to a massive wave of propaganda and unprecedented measures against Russia. Despite the fact that during the previous eight years the situation in the current war zone clearly foreshadowed what was to come and although we had witnessed repeatedly allied aggression in Cyprus, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, this is the first time that the condemnation of the agressor borders on official racism. The ideological bullying of the mass media establishment is reminiscent of the McCarthy era. Whoever even tries to understand what is going on is stigmatized as a “Putinist”. At the same time, an amazing and rather barbaric demonization campaign against the Russian leadership is taking place, resorting to the use of psychiatric terms. 

This is Europe’s suicidal moment, especially in the field of energy. Europe, led by the USA, has completely surrendered to NATO’s designs, all the while bringing the likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe ever closer… 

«… The current system of power in Greece, however, has gone way beyond condemning Russian aggression and offering humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine… endorsing extreme anti-Russian measures, including supplying weapons and weapon systems to Ukraine, censorship of Russian media and voices disliked by the government, even banning any cultural event that involves Russians, and denying the renewal of visas for Russian citizens.  

It seems that some have decided to destroy the centuries-old Greek-Russian relations, to leave the Greeks of the Black Sea to their fate and even jeopardize the security of Greece, especially in the field of energy…  

Our solidarity to the civilians and the refugees is without question, even more so in this case of hostilities between brotherly nations. But the political issue is another matter. 

Those of us who understand our national interest in Greek rather than European or Atlantic terms, who have learned what war means from Thucydides and not from the mass media and know who Greece’s real enemies are, feel that the government and the whole political system we are faced with deeply offends and insults us, exposes us to serious threats and certainly does not represent us».  

For the full text (in Greek) see here

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