Greek Doctors Working in Britain Doubled since 2009

By Philip Chrysopoulos

The number of Greek doctors working in the United Kingdom has doubled since 2009, while they are in second place among EU Member States in Britain’s National Health System (NHS).

Based on a House of Commons report regarding the number of staff in Britain‘s National Health System who are not British nationals, 80% of the Greek doctors working there have studied in Greece, says an Athens Macedonia News Agency report.

There are 2,959 Greeks working in the NHS, which brings them to 12th place among different nationalities and 7th among EU states.

More specifically, 1,700 Greek doctors work at the NHS – they are in 2nd place among EU Member States and 4th in general among non-British citizens employed in the health system.

The remaining 1,259 Greeks employed in the NHS workers are nursing and professional clinical staff, clinical support staff and infrastructure support staff.

The number of Greek doctors working in the NHS has been rising steadily since 2009, but there seems to be a stop to this upward trend following the Brexit referendum, the AMNA report says.

Greek doctors account for about 1.5% of the British NHS national health system. Compared to 2009, their number has more than doubled. Of the 1,700 Greek doctors, 1,351 have obtained their degree in medicine in Greece. The majority of them are listed as Specialty Registrars B and they are in the 30-39 age group.

There are also 457 certified nurses who are Greek citizens working in the NHS. Unlike doctors, the majority are aged 20-29.

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In addition to Greeks, there is an increase in the number of nurses from Portugal, Spain and Italy, a trend that was stopped after the Brexit.

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