French lawmaker stands by ‘Gaza genocide’ remarks

Apr. 3, 2024

French lawmaker, Manuel Bompard, of the France Unbowed Party said yesterday that he stands by his statement that Israel is committing “genocide in Gaza”.

Bompard, who was a guest on local Radio Sud, said, “France cannot be a partner in what is happening in Gaza” calling on Paris to impose an arms embargo and economic sanctions on Israel.

He pointed out that the number of children killed in Gaza in four months exceeds the number of children killed in all conflicts around the world in four years.

He also stressed that Israeli soldiers of French origin must be tried if their involvement in war crimes committed in Gaza is proven, stressing that “international law is not a game.”

Israel has killed more than 32,900 Palestinians since 7 October. It has also completely besieged the enclave, leaving its population on the verge of starvation.

Last week, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to ensure “unhindered provision” of urgent aid to Gaza. The UN Court said: “Palestinians in Gaza are no longer facing only a risk of famine … but that famine is setting in.”

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