French Greens are also Black like their German counterparts. They want war!

Macron humiliates France in Ukraine, says opposition leader

By Théo Bourgery
Jun 10, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron is “humiliating” the country in Ukraine, Sandrine Rousseau, one of the leaders of the French Greens, told EURACTIV France in an exclusive interview.

The 2021 Green party primary runner-up believes that the French and EU response to the Russian invasion has been “totally insufficient.”

An environmental economist, Rousseau has positioned herself on the radical left side of the green party.

“We should have called on the European population to prepare for war efforts” by asking them to turn down the heat and ultimately reduce gas usage as soon as the Russian invasion began, she said.

In the longer term, Rousseau urges European leaders to implement “a ‘Marshall Plan’ for the renovation of buildings across Europe.”

Enhancing European independence from foreign powers is crucial, and so is the creation of a Europe of Defence, Rousseau also told EURACTIV France. She criticised Greece for having “sold its public assets, notably its ports, to foreign powers.”

The politician also calls for “an effective European-wide policy to welcome refugees and organise Ukrainian resistance” to help prepare for the country’s economic recovery once the war is over.

“This is what Churchill did during the Second World War – he welcomed De Gaulle into the UK to organise the resistance against German occupation,” she added.

Read full interview in French. 

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