EU cuts aid to Turkey and condemns Turkish drilling in Cyprus’ waters

EU spokesman condemns planned Turkish drilling

Turkey’s intention to send the Yavuz on further drillings does not help create the environment for dialogue, spokesman for foreign affairs at the European Commission Peter Stano has said after the latest Turkish announcements.
“After the latest announcement from Turkish authorities that the drillship Yavuz will be sent on a new drilling mission, the EU repeats its position regarding the illegal drillings by Turkey in Cyprus’ EEZ”.
He reminded that “certain steps are needed to create an environment that encourages dialogue with good faith. The intention of Turkey to start further drilling and exploration activities in the wider region goes, unfortunately, against that direction”.

EU cuts pre-accession aid to Turkey by 75%

In a letter seen by German media, the EU has unveiled cuts in aid to Turkey over illegal gas drilling off Cyprus’ coast and military operations in Syria. But Brussels stopped short of ending democracy-promotion projects.
The EU has cut pre-accession aid to Turkey by 75%, according to a letter sent to the European Parliament by EU foreign affairs commissioner Josep Borrell and seen by the Essen-based Funke Media Group.
Turkey will now only receive €168 million ($186 million), of which €150 million will be spent on strengthening democracy and rule of law. The rest is earmarked for rural development.
Borrell justified the cut by saying it was in response to Turkey’s decision to stage a military operation in northeastern Syria and conduct unauthorized gas drilling off the coast of Cyprus.