CSU chief Seehofer : “Bavarians ruled Greece, better it was not temporary”

October 9, 2018

It was supposed to be a joke from man to man, from a Bavarian arch-conservative to his like-minded compatriots. One of these brusque and disdainful jokes cracker-barrel men in traditional green tracht garments exchange over a half-liter beer at their regular’s Thursday pub table in a remote mountain village.

But the leader of Christian Social Union and Federal Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, said it during a speech addressing a crowd ahead of the Bavarian elections on Sunday.

“Bavarians ruled Greece for a time. Maybe it would have been better had it not been temporary,“ Seehofer said in an effort to prove that Bavaria was …cosmopolitan.

The anti-migration CSU chief was apparently anticipating for a loud laughter.

It didn’t come.

Most likely the crowd gathered to listen to Seehofer knew better.

They knew better than Seehofer, that the flabby Bavarian Prince Otto who was planted by the Great Powers in Greece and became the first King of modern Greece in 1832 was kicked out of the country and sent to exile in his home country by his own Greek subjects.

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