Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Teva, Caterpillar on UN blacklist of settlement-friend firms

Coca-Cola, Teva on UN blacklist of settlement-friendly firms — report

Channel 2 says Human Rights Council to publish full list in December; other firms named include Egged bus company, largest banks in country

A United Nations blacklist of companies operating in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights includes some of the biggest firms in Israeli industry as well as some household names in the US.

Among those on the UN Human Rights Council list are Coca-Cola, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Caterpillar, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday.

The US has threatened to withdraw from the international forum if the list is published.

Israeli companies on list reportedly include pharmaceutical giant Teva, the national phone company Bezeq, bus company Egged, the national water company Mekorot and the country’s two largest banks, Hapoalim and Leumi.

Some of the international companies — namely Airbnb, Caterpillar, and TripAdvisor, as well as Priceline — were previously reported by The Washington Post to be on the list.