Brexit: Total confusion, unclear strategies, conspiracies to reverse the referendum…

Britain’s mother of all crises

27 March 2019

The Mother of Parliaments is now home to the mother of all crises. Brexit has tested the UK’s institutions and unwritten constitution to their limits. We are in uncharted waters – and in Theresa May’s case, in a rapidly sinking boat without a life vest.
The Maybot – inept, and stubborn as a mule – is determined to push through her hated Brexit deal. This is despite the fact that she has racked up the first and fourth largest defeats in parliamentary history.

Conservatives and Labour could both split over Brexit divisions, Vince Cable says

30 March 2019

The Conservatives and Labour could both break apart in the coming months because of internal divisions over Brexit, Vince Cable has said.
The Liberal Democrat leader said that for the first time in his lifetime he believed there was a real prospect of splits because Tory moderates are “in a terrible state” and “hardliners” have “complete control” of Labour.
He was speaking at an IndyMinds event in central London for subscribers of The Independent.
Asked about the prospect of a possible split in the main parties, he said: “I think for the first time in my lifetime this is possible.

Only Labour can deliver us from Brexit paralysis

THE third defeat of the Leave-in-name-only deal cooked up by Theresa May and EU negotiator Michel Barnier leaves big business panicking and Britain’s political system in crisis.
Manufacturing capitalists’ group Make UK boss Stephen Phipson says business is “devastated.” Institute of Directors chief Edwin Morgan slams the “spirit-sapping limbo” that has engulfed our politics.
Ruling-class unity is shattering; former Bank of England chief Mervyn King now pushes a no-deal exit that the Bank under his successor Mark Carney has repeatedly depicted as disastrous.

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Three strikes and you’re out

THERESA MAY was told to resign and call a general election today after MPs rejected her Brexit plan for a third time.
The Commons voted down the EU Withdrawal Agreement by 344 votes to 286, a majority of 58.
They did not vote on the Political Declaration, as the government chose to separate it from the agreement in a bid to circumvent parliamentary rules barring Ms May from presenting the proposals for a third vote unless they were substantially different from what had been rejected before.

Labour frontbencher resigns to vote against second referendum

27 Mar 2019

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow housing minister has resigned and three shadow cabinet ministers abstained in protest against a three-line whip to vote in favour of plans for a second referendum.
Melanie Onn confirmed she had resigned to vote against the option in the ballot of MPs on Wednesday and the shadow cabinet ministers Jon Trickett, Ian Lavery and Andrew Gwynne all abstained to register their discomfort with the plan.
Labour confirmed on Wednesday that it would expect MPs to support a motion, tabled by Margaret Beckett, which said parliament should not ratify any Brexit deal “unless and until” it has been approved in a “confirmatory public vote”.

Thousands of pro-Brexit protesters shut down Westminster on what should have been our independence day

29 March 2019

THOUSANDS of pro-Brexit protesters have shut down Westminster this afternoon as they celebrated what should have been our independence day.
Today Parliament Square was jam-packed with passionate activists rallying for Brexit – who were furious that our official exit day has been scrapped.
Aerial views shows the crowds filling up every space available in front of the Houses of Parliament and along Whitehall, with traffic diverted elsewhere.
Fuming Brexiteers marched through central London, sang Land of Hope and Glory, cheered and waved their flags.

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EU cannot betray ‘increasing majority’ who want UK to remain, says Tusk

27 Mar 2019

Donald Tusk issued a rallying call to the “increasing majority” of British people who want to cancel Brexit and stay in the EU, hours before MPs were given the chance to back a second referendum.
In a stirring intervention on Wednesday, the European council president praised those who marched on the streets of London and the millions who are petitioning the government to revoke article 50.
Speaking to the European parliament, Tusk reprimanded those who voiced concerns about a potential lengthy extension to article 50 in the event of the Commons rejecting the withdrawal agreement again this week.

“No deal” Brexit threatened after May’s EU withdrawal agreement rejected for third time

30 March 2019

Needing the support of 318 MPs, British Prime Minister Theresa May secured just 286 votes on her proposed European Union withdrawal agreement on Friday.
With 344 MPs against, a majority of 58, the margin of defeat was narrower than the two previous defeats—230 votes in January and 149 earlier in March. But the defeat triggered an EU stipulation that moves forward the new exit date from May 22 to April 12.
With parliament’s speaker, the pro-Remain Tory John Bercow, ruling that May could not bring her deal back a third time unaltered, Friday’s vote was on whether to accept only the Withdrawal Agreement and not the Political Declaration that goes with it. The Political Declaration is a shorter, 26-page document setting out the UK’s aspirations for future relations with the EU.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum movement to mobilise its 100,000 supporters behind Remain in the EU referendum

May 24, 2016

Thousands of campaigners from the Momentum movement, which grew out of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign, will be drafted in to rally support for a Remain vote in the EU referendum, the group’s leadership has confirmed.
In a boost to the Remain campaign, the group will mobilise its 100,000 registered supporters nationwide ahead of the 23 June referendum.