Bolivia Trolls United States At UN Security Council Meeting On Trump’s Syria Strike


Bolivia has dramatically trolled the United States during the ongoing meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held to discuss the US missile strikes on the Ash Sha’irat airbase operated by government forces in Syria.

Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti, slammed the US missile launch, arguing that it was detrimental to the investigation of the recent chemical attack in Idlib province.

Llorenti showed a photo of infamous US Ambassador to the United Nations, Colin Powell during his 2003 speech to the United Nations when Powell showed a fake sample of the Iarqi chemical weapons. The Powell speech and fake accusations of the Iraqi government in developing the nonexistent weapons program set a ground for the US-led invasion to Iraq.

Llorenti told reporters (source):

“Now the United States believe that they are investigators, they are attorneys, judges and they are the executioners. That’s not what international law is about.”

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