Bolivia: Police Attack Protesters Carrying Coffins of Killed

21 November 2019
Supporters of ousted Bolivian leader Evo Morales marched into the capital La Paz on Thursday carrying coffins of people killed in clashes with the military and police, condemning the coup d’etat and drawing attention to the human cost of the crisis gripping the South American nation.
Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the crowds according to eyewitnesses and local media.
Roadblocks were reported in at least seven Bolivian departments including La Paz, Oruro, Beni, Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, Potosi.
Protesters rejecting the coup government of Jeannine Añez maintain their main focus in the Senkata area, on the Oruro-La Paz highway, to prevent the transfer of fuel to La Paz from the state-run Bolivian Oil Fields (YPFB) plant located there.

As Bullets Rain Down on Protesters, Bolivia’s Armed Forces Are Granted Full Immunity

November 20, 2019
On November 10th, there was a right wing coup in Bolivia led by the military, the police, the Catholic Church, and the country’s agribusiness. The coup was also supported by the US imperialist machine. Since then indigenous and working class groups have been fighting against these forces, building self-defense committees and blocking roads around Bolivia. The police and armed forces have responded with brutal violence and suppression.
As of November 15, the armed forces will not be held liable for any of the violent acts committed. The self-proclaimed transitional government approved Supreme Decree No. 4078, which exempts the Armed Forces from criminal responsibility during acts of repression. It states

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Bolivia: Police break up rally opposing interim government Copied from page

Police fired tear gas to disperse the massive rally against the interim government in La Paz on Thursday. The protesters, mainly from the Aymara indigenous group, marched to La Paz from a neighbouring El Alto. They carried coffins of those who died during a military and police operation carried out at the Senkata hydrocarbon plant on Tuesday. Copied from page

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