West balancing on edge of direct military confrontation between nuclear powers — Lavrov

MOSCOW, April 22. /TASS/. Western countries are balancing on the edge of a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a video address to participants in the Moscow Non-Proliferation Conference.

“Today, the United States and their NATO client states are still dreaming of inflicting ‘a strategic defeat’ on Russia and are ready to carry on with their policy of deterring our country ‘to the last Ukrainian.’ At the same time, the West is balancing on the dangerous edge of a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers, which could have catastrophic consequences,” Lavrov pointed out.

According to the top Russian diplomat, it is especially concerning that the three Western nuclear powers are among the key sponsors of the Kiev regime and the main initiators of various inflammatory moves. “This could create serious strategic risks and increase the level of nuclear threat,” Lavrov noted.

“We are convinced that to prevent further degradation of the world situation, maintain durable stability and create a realistic disarmament, all countries should pool their efforts to upgrade the international security system relying on the principles of multilateralism, equality and indivisibility. This is the only way of reducing interstate conflicts and ensuring real progress in arms control,” the Russian foreign minister emphasized.

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