Vladimir Putin Declares March 22 as National Mourning Day

The death toll in the terrorist attack is 133, making the attack the worst of the last years in the nation.

Mar 23, 2024

After the massacre committed by mercenaries in the Crocus City Hall, Moscow, the Russian president Vladimir Putin said on a speech to his nation  that the implicated terrorists will face face retribution and oblivion.

”Investigative and law enforcement agencies will do everything to clarify all the details of the attack” said the president to the Russian people.

The head of state stated that ”It is obvious that we are faced with a planned mass murder of civilians” as the time the dead figures rises to more than 133, icluding three children.

Putin also highlighted that criminals went to kill in cold blood, ”shoot Russians at point-blank range, comparing those terrorists with the Nazis once did.

”All the perpetrators, organizers and financiers of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall will be justly punished”. Until now, eleven terrorists implicated with the attack have been arrested b Russian authorities.

”We will identify and punish everyone who is behind the attack (…) We know what the threat of terrorism is, and we look forward to working with all states that share our pain,” the president sentenced.

At the moment the death toll from the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall in Moscow, rises to 133 and more than 107 injured are receiving medical attentions, of them, 3 are children.

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