Unconfirmed Reports on Chinese Navy in Mediterranean

Chinese Navy ships ordered to join Russian Task Force in the event of US strike on Syria

11 04 2018

Chinese military ships in the Mediterranean Sea are ordered to join the Russian Navy in the case of a massive attack on Syria, sources say.

Rseau International portal, citing French sources has said that Chinese warships in the Mediterranean have been ordered to join the Russian Navy in the case of “massive bombardment” of Syria.

All Chinese warships that are located in the Mediterranean sea at the moment would move towards Syrian Tartus port. Thus, China will take part in repelling the coalition’s aggression.

Experts also say that the allies of Syria took seriously the possible strike of the United States. Now all forces are mobilized. So, Iran brought its forces to full combat readiness. Earlier, Russia’s General Staff also said that the US strike would be repelled in the event of a threat.

Chairman of the CCRF Commission on Harmonization of Interethnic and Interreligious Relations Iosif Diskin has said that the fact that China decided to send it’s ships to Tartus shows the desire of the international community for guarantees of security, in the world where US behaves more unpredictable every day