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Unbelievable: Prague Executing Turkey’s orders!

PYD condemns Czechia over the arrest of Saleh Moslem

Democratic Union Party (PYD) condemned Czechia for the arrest of former co-chair of the party Saleh Moslem.

26 Feb 2018

Democratic Union Party (PYD) released a statement and condemned Czechia for arresting Saleh Moslem at Turkey’s request on Sunday.

“The Czech government should release Saleh Moslem immediately and apologize for this illegal and immoral behaviour” the statement read.

PYD highlighted Moslem’s role in the struggle against ISIS and said, “Mr. Moslem played an important role in the revolution process in Syria, especially in diplomatic area against ISIS terror.

During his co-presidency Saleh Moslem was a central figure in developing political solution in Syria, and the democratic projects in Northern Syria. In conclusion he is working to protect the world from the terror which is supported by AKP government”.

PYD urged Czech government to release Moslem immediately and called upon all Kurds living in Europe to raise democratic actions.

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