Turkey threatens Greece again: We may lead to a very serious crisis, we have shown a lot of patience

Jun 3, 2022

Turkey launches new threats against Greece, referring to the possibility of a “very serious crisis”.

Speaking to Portuguese journalists, Deputy Foreign Minister Farouk Kaimachi launched new threats against Greece, referring to “unrealistic and maximalist demands” regarding the Cyprus issue, which “hold Turkey-EU relations hostage”.

“This has to stop. “We have shown too much patience and, if this situation continues, we could lead to a serious crisis,” he said.

Kaimachi said: “As a secular country, Turkey’s accession to the EU will be much more important and beneficial than any other accession. Because no other country can help stop radicalism in Europe and help the full integration of 25 million Muslims in the countries of the European Union. “No member can contribute to the respect of all colors and all differences within the EU, to coexistence and stability as much as Turkey.”.

He also said that ““The biggest benefit of Turkey’s accession to the EU will be that it will be a secular country with a Muslim majority.”and added that Turkey’s contributions to the economy, defense, security, geopolitics and other issues can not be ignored.

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