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Looting and colonizing Greece

The Greek Company of Property and Holdings SA was created in May 2016 by the Greek parliament as the fourth part of the general law "Urgent provisions for the implementation of the Agreement for fiscal goals and Structural Reform and other provisions". All assets of the Greek state for sale to individuals or "co-management" with so-called institutions were transferred to this company for 99 years, a procedure which is a mere formality since this

Paralysis of the Will – By Boris Kagarlitsky

The Convention of the US Democratic Party in Philadelphia ended with a big schism. And this schism divides not only the supporters of Hillary Clinton and her opponents but also Bernie Sanders and the movement that he led and symbolized until just a few days ago.

On SYRIZA and Varoufakis

By James K. Galbraith My family connections to Greece go back to the friendship between my father and Andreas Papandreou, colleagues as economics professors in...

Greece: Drone soars over thousands of ‘NO’ protesters as referendum looms...

Ruptly's drone captured thousands of people flooding Syntagma Square in Athens, Friday, in support of a ‘no’ vote in the upcoming bailout referendum. Greek...

Greece: Revolt Betrayed

A year ago more than 62% of the Greek people voted in the referendum held on the 5th of July of 2015 to reject the policies imposed on Greece since 2010 by an alliance of world finance and the German government, aided and abetted by other European elites and implemented through European governments, the EU and the IMF.

Let’s defend the Greek people’s NO!

On July 5th, Greek people rejected by an overwhelming majority the ultimatum of the Creditors, who are constantly acting as ruthless colonialists and destroyers of our country. Greek people asked to put an end at the Memorandum’s path of destruction and looting of the country, to put an end at the colonization of Greece launched in May 2010.

How Germany destroys Greece, Europe and … Germany!

As for Berlin, the way it is handling the European crisis reveals the same pattern of strategic mistakes that contributed to its military defeats in World Wars I and II, the only difference being that in the 20th century we were engaged in military wars whereas now we are faced with all-out financial war.

For sale: Greek islands, hotels and historic sites

In Greece today, government power comes with few trappings. Unable to tap capital markets and dependent wholly on international aid, the debt-stricken country’s senior officials are acrobats in a tightrope act. They are placating creditors, whose demands at times seem insatiable, and citizens, whose shock is never far away.

One year on, Syriza has sold its soul for power

By Costas Lapavitsas Today marks a year since a radical left government was elected in Greece; its dynamic young prime minster, Alexis Tsipras, promising a decisive blow...

Michael Hudson: The Financial Invasion of Greece

Economist Michael Hudson says IMF's concern about Greek debt is bogus, this is full scale financial war, forcing Greece give up ports, pensions, properties...