Sunday, 29 January , 2023


Corbyn proposes corporate tax rise

CORPORATION tax could be hiked above its current 20 per cent rate under Labour plans to help abolish tuition fees, Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday. The Labour leader promised to reverse the planned cuts to the levy, which are due to fall to 17 per cent by 2020, and indicated that it could actually rise even further.

Free Movement of Labour and Brexit: Reclaiming National Sovereignty or a...

A ‘positive nationalism’, therefore, in contrast to insular reactionary nationalism, is both ‘popular’ and ‘democratic’. Its content is defined against, in the first instance, national ruling elites and involves ‘decisive struggles’ for democratic rights. Such struggles also have the inherent potential to interlink with other national struggles of a similar democratic and popular nature

New poll puts Labour ahead of Tories for first time since...

Labour was on 34 per cent, with Tories one point behind on 33 per cent, according to the YouGov poll. Ukip was in third place on 16 per cent with the Lib Dems on six per cent, The Daily Mirrorreported. A recent poll by ICM had put the Conservatives and Labour level on 36 per cent, but some had thought this might have just been a one-off, freak result.

Jeremy Corbyn: A revolution in plain sight

In their thousands they came. Carrying home-made placards, they came. Women pushing prams, their kids in tow, the young, middle-aged and old, black, white, disabled, the old left and the newly awoken; in the pouring rain they came. They filled St George’s Plateau and still they came, until they filled the road and the central reservation and the pavements beyond. 10,000 strong they closed Lime St, stopped traffic, and still they came.