Tuesday, 6 December , 2022


An Electrifying Idea

6th November 2018 What if we abandoned photosynthesis as the means of producing food, and released most of the world’s surface from agriculture? By George Monbiot,...

Fabricated Reality: Lobbying for GMO Agriculture in India

by Colin Todhunter February 12, 2018 Richard John Roberts is a prominent biochemist and molecular biologist. On his recent visits to India, he has talked about...

Why food production needs to change to avoid a crisis

As we race towards a population of nine billion, business as usual for farming is no longer a viable option. We must take a...

We are what we eat! – Totalitarianism in Agriculture

Two giants of the farming and chemical industries agreed to merge Wednesday in a $66 billion deal: the U.S.’s Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer, the original maker of aspirin. It’s the year’s biggest deal and will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals, with $26 billion in combined annual revenue from agriculture. If the merger goes through, it