Monday, 25 September , 2023

Arms Exports

Timber Sycamore

Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by various Arab...

Germany’s Arms Sales and the Middle East

By Daniel Wagner and Giorgio Cafiero Germany’s influence in Middle Eastern affairs has been historically subtle when compared to other Western powers, with Berlin being...

Saudi Arabia Funded, Armed Terrorist Organizations in Syria: German Left Party

30 June 2017 BERLIN, (ST)-German Left Party Leader Sahra Wagenknecht has strongly criticized the "miserable role" played by Saudi Arabia in Syria through funding...

New record for German arms exports

Germany is one of the world's top four arms exporters, but Gabriel, who heads the Social Democratic Party (SPD), has vowed to make arms export policy more restrictive, especially with regard to the Middle East.