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Pollak: What Biden Did to Ukraine Is Worse than What Trump Did

By Joel B. Pollak

President Joe Biden’s administration allegedly suspended $100 million in “lethal” aid to Ukraine ahead of his summit this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Without denying that allegation directly, White House Press Secretary said Friday that the administration gave $150 million in aid — including “lethal” aid — to Ukraine last week, and had spent the amount appropriated by Congress.

But the allegation concerned a separate package, said to be shelved by Biden aides.

If the allegation — reported by the Washington Post and confirmed by Politico — is true, then what Biden did is far worse than what Trump did in 2019, when he was accused of withholding military aid from Ukraine until it investigated Joe Biden for corruption. In fact, Trump had already provided crucial Javelin anti-tank missiles months before the hold on additional “security assistance” to Ukraine Moreover, the aid that was withheld was future funding, not ongoing funding.

It was also never clear that Ukraine was even aware that the Trump administration had withheld the aid, which was soon delivered anyway. And Ukraine was not the only country from which the Trump administration had withheld funds, over concerns about corruption and other issues.

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