Russia Says Moscow Terrorist Attack Has Connection to ‘Ukrainian Nationalists’

Mar 28, 2024

Russian investigators said Thursday that they found evidence connecting the terrorist attack on a concert hall outside Moscow to “Ukrainian nationalists.”

“Investigators have verified information that large amounts of money and cryptocurrency that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received trace back to Ukraine; the funds were used in preparing the crime,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement, according to Russia’s TASS news agency.

“Investigators’ work with the detained terrorists, the examination of technical equipment that was seized from them, and the analysis of information about financial transactions prove their connection to Ukrainian nationalists,” the statement added.

The ISIS affiliate based in Afghanistan, known as Islamic State – Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, has taken credit for the shooting at Crocus City Hall, which killed over 140 people. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said “radical Islamists” carried out the attack but also suggested there was a link to Ukraine.

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Money Transfers Proof That Crocus ‘Terrorists For Hire’ Followed Orders From Ukraine

Mar 30, 2024

A report by Russian investigators has confirmed the discovery of data on the receipt of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine by the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. Furthermore, a cryptocurrency account supposedly used by the organizer and perpetrators of the crime has been discovered.

It is of paramount importance that data in the technical devices seized from the suspects in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack has confirmed their connection with the Ukrainian side, Kirill Kabanov, chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, told Sputnik.

Initial data received from those detained in the case related to the terrorist attack indicated Ukraine pulled the strings. However, the fresh report by the Russian Investigative Committee points to the Ukrainian special services, and “we must understand that they are directly connected with the CIA and MI6 and MI5,” Kabanov said.

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“That is why the West is trying to cover this up, blaming an outlawed international terrorist organization for everything. In order to save face, and to hide the fact that Ukraine itself is a huge terrorist organization,” Kabanov, who is also a member of the Human Rights Council, said.

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