Pulp Hacker in Washington, London, and Paris – The latest news regarding the almighty and invincible “Russian hackers”

By Giulietto Chiesa
Original title: “Gli Stati Profondi che vogliono inghiottire Trump
Published by “Sputnik Italia” on the 13/01/2017
We are witnessing a huge amount of “leaked information”. As far as we know CIA, FBI, and countless other American Intelligence Agencies allegedly have pieces of evidence about Donald Trump being spied in financial, industrial and even private situations. The pieces of evidence in their possession might consist of mere clues or rumours but it doesn’t really matter, as every bits help in today’s America. All this means that the American President elected last November could be blackmailed by Russia. He could be blackmailed by the Russian hackers or – so to speak – by Vladimir Putin, who is leading them like a pack of Shepherd dogs hunting for prey in Washington. Therefore – provided that he is even allowed to take office on January 20th – it is implied that it will be not possible for Trump to stay in power.

The most extraordinary aspect of this story is that the wiretapping, tip-offs, and any kind of information -sexual details included- have been revealed by none other than the Russian hackers themselves. Thus they paved the way – whether on purpose or accidentally we don’t know yet – for a new conspiracy, which aims at destabilizing the American President Elect’s future.

However, as time goes by, the “news” from Western media become lighter and lighter, like as the sheet of paper they are printed on or airy like the sigh of CNN anchor-men.

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Who could the mysterious Russian hackers be? It is yet to be revealed. None of the Western newspapers that bombard their readers with the latest “news” on the matter is able to make even the slightest reference to solid data. Obviously the statement of Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitriy Peskov, has not been reported anywhere. He denied and even mocked this groundless campaign – “In Russia there are no reports about Donald Trump”. Even the unfortunate Trump was forced to a tweet storm – occasionally showing deep annoyance, not to mention concern – “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

The historical reference is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Just eight days before the inauguration day, the atmosphere in the Washington political scene recalls the ‘Night of the Long Knives’. The CIA chief, Brennan, is soon to be discharged together with Barack Obama (Trump clearly will not renew his current position). He declared an actual state of alert for US National Security. According to international criteria, his words might provide reasons for a declaration of war.

After all, CNN disclosure – based on allegations coming from State organizations – regarding potential blackmailing of the President Elect by the Russian, conveys to both American and global public the message that Donald Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States.
Either way, we are noting an abnormal behaviour of the Public American Institutions, which are laying the foundations for an illegal overthrow of the President elected by the people. No matter that the election regulations in effect since the birth of the Nation appear bizarre and little democratic to the international community. It is now clear that the US President has never been elected by the People – as emphasized on countless occasions – but by an Electoral College, whose only purpose – since the beginning – is working as a security fence for the Country’s political élite – protecting it from the People’s will.

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The issue is that given the huge influence of the US over the whole West, the same ‘subversive infection’ and anti-Russia hysteria are spreading from the highest ruling class of the Empire to the European leading groups. In the last few hours not only one, but two declarations appeared: one from the French Ministry of Internal Affairs and the other from a British Official Source. Both declared the launch of similar ‘Witch Hunts’ (as quoted by Donald Trump) in Paris and London. Both are ready to double their forces in the cyber war against Moscow that now appears inevitable, stating that they are ready to respond to a digital attack with ‘conventional weapons’. They are clearly about to cross the border between sanity and madness.