Provocation by Bahçeli: He wrote that “Cyprus is Turkish”

A series of provocative statements by Turkish and Turkish Cypriot officials in the aftermath of the attack on members of the UN peacekeeping team in the village of Pyla, at the Green Line.

Aug. 20, 2023

In their statements on Saturday, Erdogan’s advisor Akif Chagatai Kilits, the ruling party’s spokesman Omer Celik and the Turkish Foreign Ministry “blamed” the UN and the Greek Cypriot side for what happened on Friday, referring to “humanitarian works” by Turkish Cypriots in the region, which are not of a “military” nature.

Erdogan’s partner in government, Devlet Bahceli, took his turn in the provocations. His nationalist party “shared” a clip on social media, through which, as noted, it attempts to send a “historic message.”

In particular, Bahceli is seen walking to his office wearing black boots, while a Turkish song entitled “Don’t cry my love” is played. The clip is accompanied by the phrase ‘Cyprus is Turkish.’

Earlier, Bahceli had said about the Pyla incident that “the ‘TRNC’ government gave the members of the UN peacekeeping force the response they deserved and eliminated reckless attempts to obstruct its work.”

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