Preparing for War

The US Navy’s newest fleet is keeping an eye on the North Atlantic with a first-of-its-kind deployment

The US Navy’s 2nd Fleet surged forces to the North Atlantic between January and April, responding to a request from the top US commander in the region amid heightened tensions with Russia.
The short-notice deployment was the first time 2nd Fleet has had command-and-control of forces in Europe outside of an exercise and it demonstrated the fleet’s flexibility and responsiveness, fleet commander Vice Adm. Daniel Dwyer told reporters on April 29.
Second Fleet was reestablished in 2018 in response to increasing Russian naval activity in the North Atlantic, but Dwyer avoided linking the deployment to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
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Russia’s Monster Submarines Are Even Scarier Than You Imagined

If you’ve ever seen The Hunt for Red October, you’re probably familiar with Russia’s truly massive Typhoon-class submarines. These Cold War giants still stand as the largest subs ever built.
Just how big are we talking? Each u-boat stretched to nearly 600 feet long and was wider than the average American house—and almost three times as tall, to boot.
In the 1970s, the Soviet Union embarked upon a new nuclear weapons program (code name: Typhoon) to develop a new missile-firing submarine and nuclear missiles. The subs (code name: Akula) were designed to be 566 feet long, 76 feet wide, and nearly 38 feet tall.
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The Navy just launched a brand new ship it doesn’t even want (

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