PFLP Call to the People of Greece: Expel the War Criminal Netanyahu

26 December 2019

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urges the Greek movement, the Greek people and all progressive forces of the world to block the planned visit of the prime minister of the Zionist state, the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, to the Greek capital, Athens, on 2 January. Netanyahu is scheduled to set foot in Greece in order to sign a gas deal for the transport of stolen Palestinian natural gas to Europe. This proposed deal would chain the Greek economy and that of Cyprus to that of the Zionist entity.

The PFLP urges the Greek movement to take action to block this gas deal and make it clear that Netanyahu is not welcome in Greece. The intensified political, military and economic ties between the Zionist entity and Greece, strengthened by the Syriza government and now heartily embraced by the right-wing regime, come at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab people whose natural resources are being confiscated, stolen and marketed by the illegal occupation. Furthermore, this gas deal, far from supporting Greek sovereignty or economic strength, attempts to forcibly bind the economy of Greece to the failing Zionist project, leaving Greek resources open to exploitation and looting by the U.S., the Zionist entity and European powers. It comes hand in hand with efforts to bind Greek access to electricity to the sale of stolen Palestinian resources by the Zionist entity through the so-called EuroAsia Interconnector.

Netanyahu’s visit is an attack on the Palestinian people and the Greek people, their sovereignty and their wealth and resources. The Zionist project provides no solution to economic crisis – only more misery for Greece, Palestine and the world. Indeed, the occupation, allied with the United States, wants to impose hegemony and domination over the entire region of the Mediterranean, opening its resources to plunder and using it as an advance base for expansionist attacks throughout the region.

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We urge all left forces, trade unions, social movements and Palestinian and Arab communities in Greece to actively join efforts to block Netanyahu’s visit and stop the gas deal. Make your anger clear against the ongoing, daily crimes of the Zionist occupation: killings, attacks on refugee rights, land confiscation, home demolitions, mass arrests, torture, attacks, siege and bombing of Gaza. Take a stand against the theft and control of Palestinian and Greek resources by Zionism and imperialism.

The Palestinian people stand together with the Greek people in confronting fascism, attacks on your sovereignty, economic devastation and austerity. Independent development for Greece is only strengthened by building the boycott of Israel and the corporations and institutions that sustain this illegitimate, apartheid, settler-colonial racist project. Zionism wants to cement itself in the region through these pipelines of theft and destruction. Make it clear that Greece will not become a bloodstained pathway for the transport of stolen Palestinian gas!

Netanyahu wants this visit to Greece to clean his image after his corruption indictment and, more importantly, the announcement that the International Criminal Court will launch a formal investigation into Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity in Palestine.

The Greek people have always made it clear, with unconditional solidarity and mass demonstrations, that you stand with Palestine. Your struggles continue to inspire our movement. Now is the time to join once more on the march for justice and victory: War criminals are not welcome in Greece!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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