Moscow condemns neo-Nazi march in US

The ‘Blood Tribe’ group has marched through Nashville, Tennessee, openly displaying Nazi symbols and chanting offensive slogans

Feb 19, 2024

The US concept of freedom applies exclusively to the “forces of evil” and effectively boils down to unleashing everything that is “taboo,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said, commenting on a recent rally held by the neo-Nazi group ‘Blood Tribe’ in Nashville, Tennessee.

The group’s balaclava-clad members marched through the city on Saturday, carrying black flags bearing Nazi swastikas, while chanting anti-immigration slogans such as “Deportation saves the nation.” Some of the masked individuals wore sport shirts with assorted runic symbols commonly used by neo-Nazis worldwide, as well as the code ‘2218’, which stands the slogan ‘Bring back Adolf Hitler’.

The offensive march went on effectively unhindered, with few onlookers confronting the Blood Tribe members, Zakharova noted in a statement on the matter released Sunday. She claimed the US has consistently made an effort to whitewash the Nazis, namely by repeatedly voting against the UN General Assembly resolution condemning “glorification of Nazism” offered annually by Moscow.

“They cite ‘violation of freedom of speech, assembly’ and so on as the official reason,” Zakharova wrote, adding that the Blood Tribe march served as a glaring example of such “freedom.”

he American concept of freedom apparently applies only to everything evil and serves the goal of “unleashing everything that was tabooed by humanity,” while resisting said evils is punishable, the spokeswoman asserted.

“It’s freedom, everyone is doing what they want. It just turns out that this applies exclusively to the forces of evil – such as neo-Nazism, gender experiments on children, legalization of drugs, Satanism, and so on,” Zakharova stated.

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While the Blood Tribe rally was apparently ignored by top US officials, it received widespread condemnation in Nashville, with local authorities and lawmakers alike taking to social media to criticize the neo-Nazis.

“That I even have to say this. Nazis are not welcome in Nashville. In America everyone is free to demonstrate and to say what they want, so: shame on you all! Get your hateful, dangerous, fascist, nazi nonsense off our streets and off our beautiful Public Square,” Nashville Vice Mayor Angie Henderson wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

William Lamberth, Tennessee State Representative (R-Portland) and House Majority Leader, expressed a similar sentiment urging the “Nazi thugs” to “go away.”

“This is Tennessee and you are not welcome here. Btw, why not show your faces so we can all see who you are? I would be willing to bet that none of you are from anywhere near here,” Lamberth suggested.

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