Johnson – Bannon – Netanyahu: the stars of adventurism, provocation and “deep Imperialism”

The real power behind Boris Johnson

27 July 2020
It’s 17 years since the neocons led Britain and US into the calamitous invasion of Iraq. Such was the scale of the disaster that you would have thought it would have driven them out of public life.
Far from it.
The British neoconservatives have not merely survived. They’ve flourished. They’re back in charge. It’s the opponents of the war (the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being the leading example) who have lost power.
In Britain Michael Gove is today the senior representative from the dark days when the drums were banging for war in Iraq. Gove is commander-in-chief of the Tory Islamophobes, as well as Britain’s most senior and experienced warmonger.
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Trump, Johnson and Netanyahu: Western nationalism’s embattled icons

Rising public passions sparked by the growing prominence of the “cancel culture,” and increasingly heated exchanges between President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden to that topic, strongly suggest that American nationalism and what it means will be central to the coming presidential election. To bring perspective and context to that issue, it is useful to look more closely at Trump and two other leading nationalists of the Western world.
Arguably, President Trump and Prime Ministers Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel are the most controversial, vilified, infuriating, wily, resilient and consequential Western politicians of the 21st century.
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Video reveals Steve Bannon links to Boris Johnson

By Carole Cadwalladr
New evidence suggesting close links between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump’s controversial former campaign manager Steve Bannon can be revealed, calling into question the former foreign secretary’s previous denials of an association with the influential far-right activist.
Video evidence obtained by the Observer shows Bannon, who helped mastermind Trump’s successful bid for the presidency but was later exiled from the White House, talking about his relationship and contacts with Johnson, and how he helped him craft the first speech after his resignation as foreign secretary, in which Johnson tore into Theresa May’s Brexit strategy.
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‘Italexit’ returns as League official renews euro exit campaign

Johnson vs. Biden: The Empire Strikes Back…

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Jun 24, 2021
I was writing an article commenting on the recent Biden – Putin meeting in Geneva, which I consider a first – even if it remains very fragile – victory in the struggle of humanity to confront the terrible threats to its own existence, when I heard the news about the incident between the British and the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.
Things are moving so quickly these days you don’t have the time to write about one event before some new episode comes.
Russia has announced it has used live ammunition to drive a British warship out of its territorial waters in the Black Sea. The incident took place on the eve of the giant Sea Breeze exercises of Ukraine and NATO in the Black Sea.
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British government starts preparations for major armed conflict

By Yunus Soner
March 23, 2021
On March 16th, the British Government has published a report titled “Global Britain in a competitive age: The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy”. The report begins with a forward by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and was presented to the British Parliament.
The government has started work on the report, shortened as “Integrated Review”, early 2020 and included contributions of different government agencies, parliamentary committees, and international allies as well as national and international experts, as outlines the Appendix B of the report.
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