Israeli media: ‘Israel’ suffered strategic failure in Iran response

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth points out that Israeli officials made a grave mistake when assuming that Iran was “hesitant” and would conduct a limited response.

Apr. 15, 2024

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said on Monday that the night of Iran’s response to the targeting of the consulate in Damascus was a “strategic farce” for the occupation entity.

The daily spoke of a “strategic failure” suffered by “Israel,” noting that “Israel was enslaved for two weeks, in the midst of tension that paralyzed it, after it carried out the assassination” of the senior IRGC advisors in the Iranian consulate in Syria two weeks ago.

“Why was an assassination carried out that could lead to a confrontation much more complex than it currently is in the North and South, while the story there is also far from over?” it questioned.

Taking aim at Prime Minister Netanyahu, his government, in addition to military and security top officials, the outlet mockingly asked, “How are leaders, who have previously approved several times plans for invading Rafah, which has not happened yet, supposed to threaten Tehran?”

In the face of this, the outlet found that the response for this failure would be “another classic Israeli answer,” which is, “wrong, we were wrong, we made a mistake.”

Likewise, it pointed out that intelligence estimates indicated that Iran “will not change its way of operating” if the Israeli army were to assassinate one of its figures in Damascus, on sovereign Iranian soil.

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