Greece: Former PM Karamanlis on Ukraine and Turkey

The former Greek PM Kostas Karamanlis (ND, conservative) has criticized strongly the EU for following the US line on the Ukrainian conflict, instead of taking the lead in the search for a peaceful solution. He told, as he was speaking to a public meeting in Athens:

“Whoever supports the complete victory of any of the warring parties (in Ukraine), he is either in no contact whatsever with reality or he wants the perpetuation of the conflict. And yet, above all, Europe is harmed by the prolongation of the war and its consequences. But instead of taking a leading role in the search for a way out, it is led and carried awkward and drawn by third-party choices. Worse still, Europe often appears divided over her political priorities in this crisis. But if Europe herself does not come forward to end the war, which is being waged on her own soil, the horizon can only be described as gloomy.”

It is not the first time Karamanlis is criticizing the EU and US policy in Ukraine Ex-PM Karamanlis says EU must take initiative for swift end to Ukraine war |

But, in a further indication of the totalitarian regime we are living in the West, his declarations “disappeared” from the greek mass media, in spite of the fact that he is a former Prime Minister and they have to do with the most burning question of our times.
Karamanlis has also ctiticized strongly both Turkey and the EU on the subject of the Turkish claims on the Greek islands, which Ankara is putting forward in a very aggresive way.
“Things are clear: the status of the islands is given and is out of the question. The right of defence and deterrence for the security of the islands is non-negotiable. The right to extend territorial waters is unilateral under international law and within the exclusive jurisdiction of each country.”
Ankara is occupying a large part of the Republic of Cyprus, after a bloody invasion of the island, which has provoked more victims as a percentage of the population than the US invesion of Iraq and the ehnic cleansing of its population. It has also the largest landing fleet of the world opposite to the Greek islands of Eastern Agean. Now, with the particular sense of “humour” characterizing the Turkish foreign policy, both Kemalist and Neo-Ottoman, is asking Greece to demilitarize the islands, permitting to Ankara to invade them at a minimal cost.

Karamanlis added that Greece and Turkey can go to the Hague Tribunal but only to dilineate the continenal shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone, as no country that respects itself can accept to put does not put its national sovereignty and territorial integrity under any negotiation, mediation or court judgment.

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