Good morning, Colombia. Good night, Greece

Jun 11, 2023

A few years ago “we became Colombia” was a figure of speech that mainly expressed a fear and not so much a reality. It was used by those who wanted to show the increase in crime and the arbitrary operation, a reality that does not obey rules and for which there is no punishment.

Today Greece has its own cartels, organized mafia and the necessary interconnection of crime with the political system, the police and Justice. In the last four years, there have been about 20 murders with protagonists and victims of organized crime. For each of these murders, which have the plot and images of a motion picture, the constant refrain of the prosecuting authorities is that this is a settling of accounts. So why the worry? We can count the deaths, learn the gruesome details, and admit that we have become Colombia.

Last Wednesday night, mafia executioners killed two of their mafia “colleagues” in Korydallos. They approached the armored car used by the victims for protection, fired with a Kalashnikov through the small opening in one of the windows and after killing one, finished off the second as he dragged himself covered in blood to the adjacent garage. The details of the killer were reproduced in full in the news reports with one exception. The armored car used by the mobsters for their protection belonged to the company of Yiannis Alafouzou. The armored and expensive Mercedes belonged to the radio station Sky.

After the revelation, Yannis Alafouzou’s company issued a statement on the basis of which the armored vehicle was decommissioned and does not know how it ended up in the hands of the criminal authorities. That is, it does not answer if someone stole it or someone else provided it for use. As everyone understands, cars, especially armored ones, are not a needle in a haystack. They don’t disappear, they aren’t magically transported, and someone is definitely moving them.

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However, the strange story has another dimension. One of the murdered was Vassilis Roubetis. Roubetis was convicted for the murder of Panathinaikos fan Michalis Filopoulos. The unfortunate Filopoulos participated in a death match between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos fans on Lavriou Avenue in 2007.

Roubetis was not only what we call “known to the authorities”, but the police had information that he had taken on various death contracts. He posed as a taxi driver and was therefore known in the night market as “the fare”.

Let’s make a parenthesis. On April 6, 2021, a person had visited me at Documento and in the presence of the journalist Vangelis Triantis had informed me that Menios Fourthiotis had approached a man of the night with the nickname “taxi” or “tarifas” to assign him the contract of my death. The witness officially testified at the prosecution and a case file was formed against Fourthiotis. Let’s close the parenthesis and return to the execution of the two mobsters in Korydallos.

Roubetis was not only a declared hooligan of the Olympic club, but his photos were also published showing him in the official uniform of his beloved team. So how does Roumbetis, an accomplice in the murder of Filopoulos of Panathinaikos, with activity in the fan criminal groups that invoke Olympiakos, find himself protected by the armored car of the president of PAE Panathinaikos, Yiannis Alafouzou?

Is there some diabolical coincidence involving Alafouzou’s company with mobsters? The entrepreneur must give explanations. Of course, the issue is not fan-based.

Because if Greece sighs and kills on the pitches in the name of the team, using criminal professionals as a vanguard, while at the same time it turns out that there are underground relationships, then we are talking about a big organized criminal game.

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The answers must be given by both Yiannis Alafouzos and the police.

The murders that have occurred in the last four years have in common the relationship of the people of the night with the police and power. An “omission” that has been repeatedly noted in these crimes is that the phones of the murdered mobsters are never forensically examined to investigate their relationships and communications. When the leader of the Greek mafia Spyros Papachristos was killed, his mobile phone was forgotten for more than two years in the police drawers. The same thing happened in the murder of the fuel distribution businessman Giorgos Mitsos in Glyka Nera. When the phones were examined, and indeed after infighting within the police, it was revealed that the mobsters were collaborating with top police officers, with people from the minister’s office, but also with businessmen and journalists.

All these elements reveal the dangerous network of corruption that has spread in the country and when he chooses he settles his scores with a Kalashnikov in the center of the otherwise European capital.

This is not a threat to the safety of the citizen or situations that, due to incorrect handling, are out of bounds. It is a strange regularity that rests on the government itself.

What does the (before the caretaker government) Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos respond to what is happening and being revealed? That the people have decided by voting with 40% for the New Republic. Giorgos Koumoutsakos has made similar statements commenting on the other crime that is developing these days, the death of three people because there was no ambulance to take them to a hospital. A woman dies while being transported to a hospital in a farm truck, a 19-year-old pregnant woman cools off while waiting for the ambulance, but Koumoutsakos has the answer: “The people decided in the elections.”

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Of course, Takis Theodorikakos and George Koumoutsakos are right. The people decided in the elections that by 40% they want ND for government. This yes, may mean that without knowing it or because they don’t know it they will die on the streets. The problem is that Koumoutsakos and Theodorikakos say it clearly and shamelessly. They don’t mind people dying because they have 40% of the vote.

You die in peace. You have the consent of the majority who voted ND.

Goodnight Greece. Good morning, Colombia.

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