Former Mossad chief to launch retirees political party

Danny Yatom, also a former Labor MK, begins process of registering party, which will focus on issues relating to senior citizens

Former head of the Mossad intelligence agency Danny Yatom is expected to launch a new retirees political party this week.

Alongside Yatom, Israeli philosopher Asa Kasher, economist Shlomo Maoz, doctor and lawyer Rachel Adato, and music conductor Nancy Brandes are expected to feature on the party slate.

Similar to the former “Pensioners of Israel” party, which won seven seats in the 2006 elections but failed to pass the electoral threshold in 2009 and 2013 and was dismantled during the 2015 elections, the new party headed by Yatom will focus on elderly affairs.

The new party is already in the middle of registration procedures, with a formal announcement expected this week, according to a report Monday by Army Radio.

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