Failing success on the front line, Ukraine could prepare a provocation at the Zaporozhia nuclear power plant

Jul 5, 2023

In the absence of any successes on the southern front to present at the NATO summit in Vilnius in a few days’ time, Ukraine may be tempted to stage a provocation at the Zaporozhia nuclear power station in order to justify more direct intervention by the West in the conflict with Russia.

After a month of fruitless offensives, sending its soldiers to die in successive waves on Russian defences in the Zaporozhia and Donetsk regions, Ukraine has had to face the facts. Kiev will have no positive results to present on 11 and 12 July 2023 at the NATO meeting in Vilnius. This absence of positive results means that Ukraine risks seeing a reduction in Western financial and military aid. Zelensky cannot afford this. Without this aid, the war would be over quickly, and the Ukrainian economy would collapse immediately.

So on 16 June, when it was already clear that the long-awaited offensive would not produce the expected results, Zelensky began to prepare public opinion for a disaster involving the Zaporozhia nuclear power plant, which has been under Russian control since last year. In an interview with NBC, Zelensky accused Russia of wanting to blow up the Zaporozhia nuclear power station. Why would he do that? Just because Moscow allegedly doesn’t care about Ukraine’s security, and in order to destabilise the country.

It doesn’t matter in this most bizarre logic that the Zaporozhia region, where the nuclear power station is located, is now part of Russian territory… And that Russia would therefore risk contaminating its own territory by doing such a thing, for absolutely no military gain. Zelensky’s only argument is that since Russia has supposedly destroyed the Novaya Kakhovka dam, it can also blow up the Zaporozhia nuclear power station. Except that it is Ukraine that has regularly bombed the Novaya Kakhovka dam and was still boasting about it at the end of 2022!

A week after Zelensky’s sensational announcement, Ukraine announced that it would launch exercises simulating the consequences of an explosion at the Zaporozhia nuclear power station. The exercises were actually launched a few days later, in the Dnipropetrovsk and Nikolaïev regions, as well as in the parts of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions under Ukrainian control.

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At the same time, documents announcing the future evacuation of Nikopol (a town in Ukrainian-controlled territory, opposite the Zaporozhia nuclear power station on the other bank of the Dniepr) and surrounding localities appeared on the Ukrainian segment of the internet.

At the same time, Zelensky continued to insist that Russia would destroy the Zaporozhia nuclear power station, in order to prepare public opinion for the disaster to come. He even went so far as to announce that Russia had installed lorries packed with explosives inside the plant to blow it up, and that it had also mined the cooling tanks. But something went wrong. Not only are observers from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) permanently on site, but Raphael Grossi, the agency’s director general, recently visited the Zaporozhia nuclear power station in person. On the set of France 24, he said that he had seen nothing there to back up Zelensky’s claims, and that his teams on the ground were reporting every day. Clearly, what the Ukrainian President is saying has nothing to do with reality!

And unlike Russia, which has no strategic or military interest in blowing up a nuclear power station that is under its control and on its territory, Ukraine has a reason to carry out a provocation at the Zaporozhia power station! Having failed in a month of successive attacks to break through the Russian defences, Kiev finds itself without any concrete results to present to Vilnius to justify the NATO countries continuing to throw money and weapons into the Danaïd’s barrel that Ukraine has become!

All that remains is the option of provocation, in order to get Western countries more directly involved in the conflict with Russia. The destruction of the Zaporozhia nuclear power plant, or the dispersal of radioactive material following the bombing of stocks at the plant, should serve to portray Russia as a terrorist country using prohibited methods of warfare.

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What lends credence to this theory is the fact that an American WC-135R Constant Phoenix aircraft, capable of detecting the presence of radioactive particles, arrived in Crete on 1 July 2023, although it normally operates from Great Britain. In other words, an aircraft capable of “proving” that a nuclear incident has taken place arrived not far from the conflict zone, at a time when Kiev is accusing Russia of wanting to provoke such an incident.

As long ago as last year, a number of warmongers, including Tobias Ellwood, Chairman of the Defence Committee of the British House of Commons, and Adam Kinzinger, a member of the US House of Representatives, announced that an incident provoked by Russia at the Zaporozhia nuclear power station would be considered an attack on NATO countries and would trigger the application of Article 5 (i.e. the entry into war of NATO countries against Russia).

This position is identical to that of US Senator Lindsey Graham, who wants to pass a resolution stating that the destruction by Russia of a nuclear facility should be considered an attack on NATO!

“The Graham-Blumenthal resolution:
1. Agrees that the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus constitutes a threat to Ukraine and NATO member states.
2. Considers that the use of any tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus or their proxies, or the destruction of a nuclear facility, the dispersal of radioactive contaminants on NATO territory causing significant damage to human life, constitutes an attack against NATO requiring an immediate response, including implementation of Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty.
3. Urges the current administration to consult with NATO leaders and other European partners to develop a comprehensive response aimed at minimising the threat to civilians and coordinating a diplomatic and military response appropriate to the situation.”

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Here we have the perfect motive to push Ukraine into such a provocation: to push NATO into open war with Russia.

However, I would like to remind all the Ukrainian, American, British and other loonies who support such a reaction, and therefore a brutal escalation of the conflict, that Moscow has more nuclear warheads than the United States and an automated response system (even if there is no one left to press the button the warheads will be fired in response to a nuclear bombardment of Russia)! Clearly, in the event of an open NATO attack on Russia, the whole thing will end in mutual nuclear annihilation!!!

Do you realise that you are signing up for your own suicide and that of a large part of humanity just so you don’t have to admit your loss of hegemony over the world? Could you please plug your brain back in for five minutes before spouting such nonsense in the media just to make yourself look good in war-mongering circles? Because the rest of humanity hasn’t signed up to your delusion of collective suicide! If you can’t stand the dishonour of losing your hegemony, go and commit seppuku in your living room and let the rest of humanity continue to develop a multipolar world. Thank you!

Christelle Néant
Translation: Яннис В.Зброек for Donbass Insider

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