Duda’s Call For “Decolonizing” Russia Proved That Putin Was Right To Warn About This Plot

By Andrew Korybko

Polish President Duda called for the “decolonization” of Russia literally one day after President Putin warned about this plot. Such demands aren’t anything new since they’ve been part of the Western discourse since the special operation began, but there have also been attempts to gaslight by pretending that the West doesn’t pose a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity. Here’s what President Putin said about this scenario on Friday while speaking at the Foreign Ministry:

“Some figures in the United States and Europe openly declare the goals of this policy, speaking today about the so-called decolonisation of Russia. Essentially, this is an attempt to ideologically justify the division of our Fatherland along ethnic lines. The dismemberment of the Soviet Union and Russia has been a discussion topic for a long time, as everyone in this room is well aware. In pursuing this strategy, Western countries aimed to absorb and militarily and politically develop territories near us.”

And here’s what Duda said one day later while speaking at the Swiss talks on Ukraine:

“In the part of the world, which I represent, Russia is often called the ‘prison of nations’ – and for good reason.

Because it is home to almost 200 ethnic groups – most of which became residents of Russia as a result of the methods used in Ukraine today. Russia remains the largest colonial empire in the world, which, unlike European powers, has never undergone the process of decolonization and has never been able to deal with the demons of its past.

As members of the international community, we have to finally say: there is no more space for colonialism in the modern world!”

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In short, the West has sought to weaponize multiculturalism as the pretext for partitioning Russia along ethnic lines in the political fantasy that they’re able to inflict a strategic defeat upon it through Ukraine. That’s obviously much easier said than done, which is why it doesn’t pose a credible threat to Russia, but this plot is nevertheless proof that the West does indeed harbor nefarious intentions. Duda’s timely confirmation of this fact vindicates President Putin and discredits the West’s prior gaslighting about this.

The Polish leader didn’t realize that he was harming his own side, but apparently thought that he’d present Poland as the West’s Color Revolution vanguard against Russia when remembering its support of Belarusian anti-government militants, which Minsk has responded to by weaponizing illegal immigration. Duda probably also thought that he’d sway some members of the Global South over to Ukraine’s side by smearing Russia as an outdated colonial power.

The reality though is that Russia’s control over the regions that Kiev claims as its own were legitimized through referenda, while Ukraine’s tacitly implied claims to several Russian border regions aren’t. Moreover, the possibility exists that Ukraine might one day revive its brief post-World War I claims to contemporary Polish territory if its refugee settle down in those areas en masse, which was warned about here. Duda, however, is completely oblivious to this latent threat to Poland’s territorial integrity.

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Circling back to the lede, Duda’s declaration that Russia must be “decolonized” proved that President Putin was right to warn about this plot, no matter how politically unrealistic it is. The Polish leader also inadvertently dealt a blow to his side’s credibility since its propagandists can no longer gaslight that the West doesn’t have any intent to threaten Russia’s territorial integrity. Nevertheless, he’s none the wiser since he doesn’t realize what he just did, instead thinking that he really scared Russia.

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