Cringe ND Minister: “My agony when father terminal-ill, if he could make it to elections”

May 18, 2023

New Democracy candidate and deputy minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou, made an unprecedented, a truly cringe statement on Thursday.

“Ιnstrumentalizing’ a personal tragedy in the worst possible way before the elections, she spoke about her father’s illness stressing that her biggest “agony” towards the terminal-ill man was “whether he would make it to elections.”

Speaking to a life-style magazine, she said smiling:

“When my father fell ill in February 2021, when we realized that his condition is irreversible, my anxiety was whether he would make it to the elections. And in fact I had the anxiety and I said think about him being very sick and before the elections and the good result doesn’t come out. I was doubly anxious, will he manage until the elections? And if he catches them up, think about how disappointed he will be and that his condition will worsen.”

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